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Our patient's health and wellbeing is our primary concern!

Patient statements:

Miguel Lopez of Carlsbad NM

"The Staff at Dr. Medley's are very professional and knowledgeable. They took care of my headaches and back pains related to an old automobile accident...thanks guys!"

Patient M.L.

Michele receives cold laser treatment to her neck, to help repair damaged cervical soft tissues, ligaments and tendons after her automobile accident.  The Cold Laser therapy that we use is from Microlight Corp. and provides 830nm of cold laser, delivered by three jewel diodes, as well as 635nm of LED light to the injury site.  This laser has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of carpel tunnel syndrome.  Other conditions related to the nerves, soft tissue, ligaments, tendons, vertebral discs and bones have proved to benefit from LLLT as well.  The laser speeds up the healing process on the cellular level, allowing your body to heal itself by generating new healthy cells and tissues!  Isn’t that what chiropractic is all about?  These lasers fit right in with our natural healing beliefs!  While we are on the topic of the laser, there is one thing that we must tell you and that is, laser treatment is the number 1 treatment for carpel tunnel syndrome!  Through double blind studies it was rated more successful that any other treatment provided for CPS, including surgery.   How is that for amazing? 

This cold laser helps reduce edema, inflammation and pain rapidly, increases blood supply, stimulates the immune system, develops collagen and muscle tissue and promotes faster wound healing and clot formation.  If you suffer from acute or chronic pains, laser treatments may offer you the relief you are looking for.

For more information on the ML830 cold laser please call Medley Chiropractic at (575)887-0565 and ask to speak to Rebecca or visit one of the sites provided on our links page.


Dr John M. Medley
Medley Chiropractic Center

Located in Carlsbad, New Mexico, Dr Medley has been serving our community for 28 years, at the same location!

Dr Medley performs a spinal adjustment on one of his many patients!  Over the course of 28 years, he has treated over ten thousand patients and performed treatments like this over 250 thousand times!  He is experienced and trusted in the chiropractic field to diagnose and treat numerous spinal conditions. 



We have a full service physiotherapy room, complete with 3 Sinewave electrical muscle stimulation units, 2 mechanical traction units, 2 traction massage units and 2 cold laser units, to aid in your healing process. 


Please check out this news clip from Fox News, concerning the ML830 Cold Laser and the benefits that other patients have experienced.



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